Freelance Designer in Glasgow

Ramsay offers a wide range of professional freelance design and advertising services, with an emphasis on creativity and originality. He approaches any given project with a fresh perspective, ensuring that the outcome is always relevant.

Ramsay works in a flexible, yet highly-focused manner, with the ability to call upon an ever-expanding network of other freelance professionals to deliver larger and more diverse projects.

 The Process - Plan, Design, Develop and Deliver.

Web Design

A well-designed website is essential in effectively communicating a message.

Thorough planning, user-friendly interface design and standard-compliant coding makes for an impressive online platform; from basic holding pages, to SEO-driven e-commerce websites with mobile-friendly responsive layouts.


Developing an identity can make your ethos, products and services apparent to people in an instant.

Investing in a brand identity becomes highly profitable through gaining consumer recognition and brand loyalty. Branding should be applied to all consumer-facing media in a consistent manner to maximise its impact.

Print Design

With people increasingly staring at pixels on a screen, printed promotions can have a more personal and lasting impression.

As well as graphic design, material choice and printing methods are equally important in creating print; from business cards and product packaging, to vehicle livery and retail signage.


Getting your product out there is the key to success - your audience must be made aware of a product or service before they want (or need) it.

Pay-per-click (PPC) online advertising, email newsletter campaigns or search engine optimisation (SEO) are flexible, measureable and cost-effective ways of gaining exposure.


In a world with digital cameras in every pocket, everyone is a photographer; but not everyone can manipulate the camera to its full potential and create stunning imagery that speaks more than words.

Detailed image manipulation further enhances imagery, putting a finishing touch to a beautiful photograph.

Video & Film

The immersive tele-visual revolution of the 20th Century that saw huge budgets for moving-image broadcasting, is now over.

Thanks to rapid advances in video technology and the Internet, video broadcasting and distribution is now not only an affordable method of promotion, but potentially the most effective.